Voluba User Documentation

volumetric brain anchoring

Useful info

Before starting

You will need an ORCID or HBP OIDC account if you would like to upload and anchor your own nifti volume.

Getting started

  • Either:
  • Selected a public volume

  • Upload and/or select a private volume

    • Login with ORCID or HBP OIDCv2
    • Either:
    • Select a private volume
    • Upload a private volume
  • Click Start to start the volumetric anchoring workflow

Coarse alignment (Optional)

  • Click-Drag incoming volume to approximate location

Fine aligment

Fine alignment can be achieved by adding corresponding landmarks on incoming and reference landmarks.

Overlay mode

  • Open Edit landmarks menu

  • Use Add a landmark pair button to add landmark in reference volume first, then incoming volume

Parallel mode

Parallel mode can be toggled via the two panel mode button on top right corner.

Adding landmark in reference template

Adding landmark in incoming volume

Calculate linear transformation

When three or more landmark pairs have been added Compute and display transform based on landmarks Computes the linear transformation of volume and applies it to the incoming volume